Chapter Overview

Tampa (FL) Alumni

During March of 1928, a meeting was called at the residence of Dr. S.E. Johnson, in Tampa, Florida, for the purpose of discussing the possibility of organizing an alumni chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Mr. James M. Hamilton explained what had been done to bring about the organization of this Chapter. A letter was read from officials of the Fraternity granting permission for a chapter to be organized in this city, and the conditions under which the chapter could be organized. Tampa Alumni was chartered June 11, 1928. The charter members were… James Hamilton, Dr. S.J. Johnson, E.E. Broughton, Dr. R.R. Williams, Dr. L.A. Howell, and S.W. Curtis.

There are currently 95 financial members in a geographic area that includes 300+ potential members. The chapter hosted the Fraternity’s National Founders Day in January 2019 and the Southern Province Council in April 2019.

Tampa (FL) Alumni Chapter will host the Fraternity’s National Conclave, which takes place every two years,